Neuroscience Research Brings New Rehabilitation Therapy for Stroke Patients

NeuroscienceThough, video games are ever since their introduction used by children and elders for fun and entertainment. A study newly presented at the Brisbane’s international conference of the Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology reveals something that is beyond imagination of such fun-loving people.

As per the findings, Neuroscience Research Australia researchers have developed such a pioneering technique that can easily and effectively cure stroke patients. Not only the team, but participants of a trial for the therapy as well are convinced with its efficiency and benefits.

Nintendo Wii is being claimed to treat patients not only suffering stroke since a month, but equally have positive effects on those who suffered it 21 years back. It has been told that the intensive rehabilitation therapy is a training programme that goes long for two weeks.

It includes allowing patients of stroke to play games, thereby activating their limbs’ muscles and nerves. Though, only arms and hands are used while playing any sports games, they tend to activate other muscles too, when require shifting between their legs to move.

The new method is better over all previous therapies as well as cost-effective. "Everyone notices improvements not just using the Wii, but in activities they do every day, such as opening a door or using a fork”, said neurophysiologist Penelope McNulty.