Police Investigating over the Discovery of Placenta and Medical Equipments

WoodchesterFollowing the recovery of placenta and medical equipment in the forest, the police officers of South Woodchester have launched an investigation over the case. The discovery of the placenta and medical equipment was brought forward by a dog owner on Thursday at 7:00 pm.

The police inspectors have informed that the owner was taking her down on a walk through Bospin Lane to Selsley Common when the dog discovered the medical equipment and placenta in a plastic bag. It has been informed that inside the bag a bowl was also found.

Earlier investigation has found that the placenta might have come from a baby’s birth of around 20 weeks’ gestation. The police inspectors have already contacted maternity hospitals and have not found any link yet.

Detective Inspector Steve Bean was reported saying, “Our overall concern is that there may be a woman who has medical needs, and equally there may be a very premature baby requiring urgent medical attention”.

The police inspectors have further made it clear that the investigation isn’t criminal in nature. They are encouraging people to come forward to help them in solving the mystery. The investigators are not sure whether the placenta is of a human baby or of an animal baby.