Doctors Need to Be More Cautious, says Study

chronic-illnessesIt has been found in a recent report by a team of researchers from the Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Association that hospitals have been less focusing on palliative care these days, though the number of admissions because of chronic illnesses is on rise.

A survey had been carried out by the group, which has found that most doctors are either not aware or are less conscious about the importance of having a word with terminally ill patients. Some 1,029 residents were enrolled in the study, a majority of whom reported that doctors were not involving with them for a discussion on their illness.

While nearly 70% of patients wished to talk to their doctors regarding end-of-life care options, it has been found that only 21% got a response. Lincoln physician Lisa Mansur has also revealed after a four-year observation that the services at hospitals have certainly improved with time. But, whether it is a physician or hospitalist or a specialist, he tends to ignore the problem on a wider scale.

“They provide outstanding care, but they may not feel they are the best person to have that conversation. They take care of their tree, not the entire forest”, affirmed Mansur.