HSE Pays 12 Times More than NHS for Drugs

HSE Pays 12 Times More than NHS for DrugsThe controversial deal being signed by the Department of Health is proving to be quite expensive to the HSE. They are paying 12 times more than the NHS for drugs, and credit for the same should be given to the Department of Health.

A blood thinner medicine known as Plavix is available to the HSE for _37. However, the NHS pays just _3 for the same drug. Shocking, but that's the truth and there are many such drugs in which price differs even more.

The deal is of such nature that it allows drug companies to charge 98% more charges from the HSE in comparison to the NHS. The plight for the same will continue for two years, revealed sources known to the matter.

The matter has raised concerns among health experts and they have been asking the government to take a suitable action on the same. They want an end to this practice, so that there is no cost cutting on the facilities being provided to patients.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization (INMO) said that if more money is being paid for the drugs then adequate money will not be left for health expenditures, which is also a crucial part of health services.