Lying Is Bad For Your Health, Say Researchers!

Lying Is Bad For Your Health, Say Researchers!Stop lying else you can soon become a victim of both mental as well as physical torture, recommend experts. In their recent research, researchers have noticed that lying could do more damage to a person's physical and mental health than any benefit. They noticed that fewer lies improved the physical and mental health of the people. The ratio of mental health complaints (tensed or sadness) were reduced by four with three lesser lies in a 10-week period.

Also, physical problems (sore throats and headaches) showed somewhat similar benefits with fewer lies by reducing to three with lesser telling of truths.

Above are the findings of the study that was run by the University of Notre Dame researchers. 110 people belonging to the age group of 18-71 years took part in the study. Half of the participants were instructed not to lie at all during the study whereas the other half controlled group was not specifically instructed to follow any guideline of truth or false.

From the results, the researchers noticed a strong link between lesser lies and better health, which was significantly stronger among the former group with no-lying participants.

Regarding the findings, Lead Author Ms. Anita Kelly, a Psychology Professor at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana said, "When they went up in their lies, their health went down. When their lies went down, their health improved".