Paul Gascoigne’s Binging Habit Readmits Him to Rehab

Drugs-and-alcoholDrugs and alcohol can severely devastate a life and if you wish to see the latest victim of same, then you can see what a terrible situation the star Mr. Paul Gascoigne is going through.

In his long battle with drugs and alcohol, Mr. Gascoigne’s health is continuously triggering. Worst has finally happened with the England legend as his dinking habit and drug addiction has forced him bed ridden.

Emergency occurred when the 45-year-old binged on several cocktails of gin and Valium (the sedative that the former footballer is using regularly since weeks along with his drinking habit) and immediately showcased deteriorated health. Upon which, he was rushed back into rehab by his friends and is admitted there only since then.

Have you seen the latest pic of the legend? No? You will definitely get shocked to see his latest appearance of last week, which was clicked while he was walking from a local newsagent to his home in Boscombe, Dorset, he is unrecognizable!

A source close to star told the Mirror newspaper: “It's lucky we found Gazza when we did. If he'd ­ carried on with his binge for much longer, well, it doesn’t bear thinking about”.