Whooping Cough – Australia’s Biggest Issue

Whooping-CoughAustralia is yet again concerned as cases of whooping cough are on the rise despite a strong vaccination available for the same, a recent report has uncovered. It has been found that cases are rising just as a person keeps on ageing.

Bordetella pertussis, a bacterium is responsible for the development of the deadly cough. While the young children were previously found to be the main target of the illness, it is now unveiled that adults are more prone to the same.

Also, the situation becomes more worrying since even a complete immunization is also failing to prevent the occurrence of the disease. A study has shown that even though more than 95% of children have been receiving complete doses, some 80% of them are getting or are likely to get the disease.

Most of the states are only trying and recovering from a 2008 outbreak’s effects. According to the Maine Center for Disease Control’s Director Dr. Sheila Pinette, the reason why adults are more likely to have the illness is their carelessness in receiving vaccines on time.

However, she adds, "Even if you are vaccinated as an adult, there is some waxing and waning of immunity of a vaccine -- it's still effective, but not as much as it would be if you had received a vaccine”.