Babies Do Not have any Moral Compass, say Otago University Researchers

Babies Do Not have any Moral Compass, say Otago University ResearchersResearchers from New Zealand have raised an international sensation news by directly quashing the findings of 2007 Yale study that suggested infants in high morality of differentiating good ones from bad ones easily.

Yes, Otago University researchers ran a study recently to check if babies actually have any moral compass or no and as a big shock to all the findings opposed the earlier claims and made big news.

First of its own kind, the 2007 study suggested that babies have a moral compass and can easily assess individuals on their behavior towards others. Since those were somewhat unusual findings than the regular ones, those claims were widely accepted.

But Otago University postdoctoral fellow Dr. Damian Scarf and his Otago University colleagues could not survive the Yale findings and were not satisfied after discussing their own research with international colleagues over the issue, they decided to ran their own experiment and know the truth.

One scenario showed babies a climber with a helper whereas another scenario showed only the climber going up and down. They noticed that majority of babies enjoyed the former scenario finalizing that babies had the innate capability of determining one's moral character.

But their retry with identical materials and only few differences showed their preference towards the hindered than the helper.