DoJ Allows Verizon to Acquire Possession of Spectrum

VerizonRecent reports have revealed that Verizon has been permitted by Department of Justice to acquire the possession of $3.9 billion spectrum from Comcast. However, Verizon will have to follow certain conditions set, in order to maintain the competition.

The department has asserted that it will allow the deal to proceed and also permit T-Mobile USA acquisition of a block of the same spectrum. However, that will be only in case the deal will provide with certain benefits even for the customers. However, on the other hand, a few of the mobile operators have criticized the deal.

It was December last year, when Verizon decided to have a possession of the spectrum and this year June; it has agreed that it will give away a part of the spectrum to T-Mobile. This operator is amongst the four national operators in US. However, it is the smallest one. The move will be a benefit for the DoJ deal.

However, the companies have been demanded to bring about certain changes, which are for the safety of the competition. DoJ said, “It has been concerned that agreements between Verizon and cable companies would have required Verizon Wireless to sell the cable companies’ services on an 'equivalent basis' with FiOS”.

This will be a problem for Verizon, as it won’t be able to sell its own services.