Employee Rewarded After Not Being Paid for 28 Months

Employee Rewarded After Not Being Paid for 28 MonthsNot paid at all for the services he did for almost 28 months but what he has been awarded now is worth more than his wait for his salary.

The news is talking about the American, who was unpaid for 28 months while he was working with an Auckland health company but has now been awarded $186,666 in his employment dispute by the company concerned.

The case started with Mr. Howard Dell's filed complaint with the Employment Relations Authority. He clearly mentioned in his appeal to the authority that he was owed salary of 28 months work at Primary Heart Care in Epsom for which he even gave evidences to the authority member Mr. James Crichton via Skype from the United States.

"The story Mr. Dell tells is so extraordinary as to be almost impossible to invent," Crichton said in his ruling. Adding further about the efforts to get Heart Care's side of the story too to rule out an appropriate decision, he said "the only acknowledgement received was a curious document from a Maori Incorporation styled Ngai Tupango Incorporation" which said it acted for Heart Care.

According to Mr. Dell's statement, he is working with the Heart Care at its Auckland clinic since September 2007 and his employment agreement calculated his annual salary to be $80,000. On basis of same, he has been awarded the sum of $186,666.66 gross for his unpaid work.