Campaign by Tobacco Retailers Alliance Opposing Plain Packaging

Campaign by Tobacco Retailers Alliance Opposing Plain PackagingScotland has decided to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes so as to curb the evil habit being adopted by people highly, a recent report has found. But, the same has become a reason of outrage in the tobacco industry.

It has been found that the industry along with it many supporters has started a campaign against the government's decision. While there is evidence that attractive packaging grabs more number of people, especially youngsters these days, towards it.

The company has been claiming that sooner the move to sell plain packaged cigarettes is taken, wider the illegal trade would be. The campaign is dubbed the Tobacco Retailers Association, which is being funded by Japan Tobacco International, British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco, all members of the Tobacco Manufacturer's Association.

Though, it is being asserted that even existing packs are counterfeited easily, plain packs would boost the same. Trading Standards and Customs and Revenue denies their claims. It says that these are mere ways to influence people against an effective healthy measure since the same may lead to loss of the industry.

The truth actually lies on the other corner that the illegal trade of tobacco has fallen over years. But, people with some 500,000 votes against the move have been failing the government, the report finds.