Google Hiring Suitable Candidate for Red Team

GoogleLast week, Google resolved a case with U. S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), following which it has proposed to create a special, which its calls ‘red team’, which will be commissioned to take care of the privacy matters and will be responsible for tackling the problems concerned with it.

Google is looking for recruiting a new person for the team. The popular search engine asserted that the team will be looking out for privacy risks posed by products owned by a company or services or might be related to business processes.

It has been reported that the news regarding the new team came into notice after Google had published an advertisement, which read post vacant for Data Privacy Engineer, Privacy Red Team.

The ad said, “Top candidates will have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of modern web browsers and computer networks, enjoy analyzing software designs and implementations from both a privacy and security perspective”.

The engineer will be considered as an expert and will be responsible for correcting the errors, be it delicate, unusual and emergent. The person authorized will even have to amend the errors, after considering the flaws as per their priority.

Kaspersky Lab's ThreatPost blogged that such a concept has been thought of for the very first time.