FCC Gives Approval for Buying Additional Spectrum to Verizon

VerizonIt has been revealed in a recent report that Verizon Wireless‘s proposal to buy a panel of cable operators’ Advanced Wireless Spectrum has been finally approved on Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC.

However, as per the findings, the consent is conditional i. e. some conditions have been asked to be fulfilled by the company before it proceeds. One of them is that the DSL broadband competition’s status should be reported time to time to the agency.

The approval still means that 20 megahertz approximately would be easily purchasable by Verizon from Spectrum Co., the report says. Verizon is a joint business enterprise of Vodafone Group Plc and Verizon Communications.

Also, the AWS is a joint venture formed by Time Warner Cable, Comcast with Cox Communications and BrightHouse. Verizon’s aim is to expand the capacity of its 4G LTE network with the spectrum to be bought.

In addition, it is being said that the company would from now on be able to transfer spectrum licenses, whether these are from T-Mobile USA or provider Leap Wireless. The condition for this is that roaming requirements in the transfers should be fulfilled on all AWS spectrum. “We will work aggressively to ensure that we put this previously unused spectrum to use quickly to benefit customers”, thus said chief executive, Dan Mead.