Nanofibres in Sport Equipment and Dipper Can Be Dangerous

NanofibresRecently, researchers of the Edinburgh University raised concerns over the use of Nanofibres in the production of sport equipment, vacuum cleaners and dippers. Published in the journal Toxicology Sciences, the research noted that the material of Nanofibres is as toxic as asbestos.

The researchers conducted a small study over mice and found that large quantity of nanofibres can have adverse consequences over health. Although the lungs of humans and mice are different, it is hoped that the findings will lead to safer production of the sports equipments and dippers.

Professor Ken Donaldson from Edinburgh University was reported as saying, “Concern has been expressed that new kinds of nanofibres being made by nanotechnology industries might pose a risk because they have a similar shape to asbestos”.

While supporting their findings, the researchers said that the nanofibres can cause inflammation in lings. The length of nanofibres is hard to remove from the lungs while short ones are easily removed. The findings are just a hint of coming health problems. Further studies are required to be conducted so that a concrete conclusion could be drawn. It is hoped that the manufacturers of dippers and sports equipments will take a serious note of the findings.