AT&T And Verizon Play Wise; Introduce Sharing Plans Prior To FaceTime

VerizonQuestions are being raised on LTE networks, as to whether they ready for the launch of the much awaited video chat, FaceTime, to be launched this fall with the introduction of the new version of iPhone and also certain other devices.

However, different wireless carriers have different answers for the questions raised. In case of AT&T and Verizon Wireless, they definitely are not prepared for the video chat.

Recently, it was in news that AT&T has proposed that only the users, which will be using its specific sharing plans, will have an access to the video chat.

Both the carriers have been reported to have launched certain data sharing plans, which the analysts suspect would help restrain the heavy data usage, with the introduction of the Apple supported app FaceTime, the video chat data crunch.

Jack Gold, an analyst at J. GoldAssociates said, "If I were a carrier, I'd be rather frightened by FaceTime. If everybody used FaceTime, bandwidth would go up dramatically, and the user experience would go down".

Gold asserted that the carriers have taken a wise step of introducing these plans and setting tariff for certain number of gigabytes to used in a month and in case, they are exceeded then fining the user.

This would even be a benefit for the companies.