Foxconn Shows Significant Improvements in Working Conditions

FoxconnIn an effort to improve working conditions as much as possible, Foxconn has now announced a cut in the probation period of entry-level employees, a recent report has uncovered.

It has been found that the company named Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd was asked by Washington-based Fair Labor Association to bring improvement in their working environments at the offices in China following an audit.

The world's leading contract manufacturer of electronics products has declared that probation period from now on would be for three months, down from six months earlier. Also, the over a million employees recruited in China branch assembling iPads and iPhones would be receiving raised pays.

The reason behind the urges to make enhancements was that many workers in Shenzen had committed suicide in 2010. Also, four workers were found dead due to an explosion at a Chengdu plant in 2011. Zhengzhou employees were also being a target of such problems.

As per the findings, FLA is now a bit hopeful since the company has shown fixation of the problem at three factories. Also, it has affirmed that physical improvements like better safety equipment maintenance have already been made. Now, several problems at other factories are to be seen as addressed by mid-2013.