Legionnaires’ disease Outbreak in Quebec City

LegionnairesIn total, eight people have lost their life due to Legionnaires’ disease and other 104 people have been suffering from the same from mid-July in Quebec City. Public health officials, who had revealed the above mentioned news, have denied from providing any further information on the same.

A lot many efforts have been made by the Quebec Government, like holding the cooling systems owner to be legally responsible for keeping their systems clean. The government has even cleaned 89 local buildings and more will be done in the coming time.

Health experts were of the view that the Legionnaires bacteria grow in dormant water and then pass through the droplets. It is not necessary that one would get to know on the first day that he has been infected, as it can take two to
10 days for the same.

Symptoms of the same include fever, cough, and problematic breathing. It shall also be noted that chain smokers as well as people, who have weak immune system are at maximum risk of suffering from Legionnaires’ disease.

“People, who are at-risk ... if they notice symptoms, should immediately contact a doctor or call the emergency line”, said Francois Desbiens, who is the head of health authority at Quebec City.