Size of Drink Glass Affects Intake Speed, Says Study

GlassDrinking from a straight glass than from a curved one might help people to avoid those hangovers, says a study being taken out by a group of researchers from the University of Bristol, England.

The study, which has appeared in the journal PLoS ONE, has found that people take almost double the time to complete the same amount of drink that is being served in a curved glass.

“Drinking time is slowed by almost 60 per cent when an alcoholic beverage is presented in a straight glass compared with a curved glass”, said the study researchers.

The study researchers carried out two experiments two prove their hypothesis. In the first experiment, they enrolled 160 social drinkers, who were aged between 18 and 40. They were served 12oz of beer in curved and straight shaped glasses.

It was revealed that it took 11 minutes to finish the drink being given in the straight glass. However, people, who had the drink in curved glass, took just seven minutes.

In the second experiment, the study volunteers were shown a series of pictures of glasses. They were asked to judge the quantity of liquid in them. It was found that people answered wrong when it came to judge the amount of liquid in curved glasses.