Google improves services at Google Play store

GoogleIt has been noticed that Google has always tried to perform better and this time also it seems to be the same. It has been found that Google has been working hard to improve its service at the Google Play store.

In the past, Google Play store has received a lot of criticism in regard to its application selection and services. Google promised to improve the same, and to a certain extent it has been able to fulfill its commitment.

Experts were of the view that application selection has improved a lot on Android. However, still there is a scope for improvement when it comes to browsing the applications. Google experts were of the view that they have been trying their best to get better at this section as well.

In order to do so, they have introduced a section known as 'Recommended For You'. One will be able to come across the section when navigates through application section in Google Play. In addition, Google has been working on improving books, music and television shows.

By the recommended application, Google Play means that the application will generate a long list of applications that are thought to be of user’s value.