Vitamin- C Rich Curry Boasts to Fight Infection

Vitamin- C Rich Curry Boasts to Fight InfectionUsing spices like garlic, cinnamon and pomegranate seeds, an Indian-origin chef Anjum Anand, 41, has created a curry. Special feature of the curry is that it is an immune-boosting one and as per Anand’s claims it can ward off many diseases.

While talking about the dish, Anand was of the view that she has read in a research that food items being made by using vitamin C is quite effective in treating infections. Some of the vitamin C rich spices are pomegranate seeds and fenugreek leaves, and both lend excellent flavor to the fishes.

Such spices are commonly used in India, so she was sure about the taste of her curry. British experts, who have gone through her claims have applauded her creation and have backed her assertion that vitamin C is effective in treating a lot many infections.

British nutritionists have also people to make the dish at their homes, as it is not only tasty, but healthy as well. Nutritionist Maria Bez, who is a private practitioner, liked Anand’s creation and was of the view, “This curry is packed with important vitamins and minerals which can support the immune system and can also help stave off coughs and colds”.