Pfizer seeks approval for Sutent to treat pancreatic cancer

Pfizer seeks approval for Sutent to treat pancreatic cancerFor treating a type of pancreatic cancer, which is rare, Pfizer Inc (PFE. N) said on Friday, it has asked U. S., European and Canadian regulators for permitting to market Sutent, its already approved medicine.

According to Pfizer, the approval was sought to market the pill for advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. This type of cancer has afflicted Apple Inc (AAPL. O) Chief Executive Steve Jobs.

Presently Sutent, known chemically as sunitinib, is already treating a cancer of the digestive system gastrointestinal stromal tumor and advanced kidney cancer.

According to a data that was out last June stated that the drug postponed pancreatic cancer to deteriorate by almost six months. This was longer than a placebo.

During a study, patients already had tumors for the last 12 months. Care was given to all these patients and Sutent or a placebo was also administered. The results were favourable for the drug.

Sutent blocks a number of proteins that leads to growth and spread of cancer.