Euthanasia Pacifying Painful Lives

EuthanasiaWe all know that cancer is a deadly disease. After being affected by cancer, the life of a person changes in numerous ways. Happiness seems bleak and enjoyment turns painful. A Dutch GP, who operates in New Zealand, recently shared a story of cancer.

Mark was 65 years old when he was diagnosed with bronchus carcinoma. The doctors informed him that his illness cannot be treated. His health was deteriorating and slowly he was inclining to death. For quite long he had been choking blood in his cough.

The poor recovery of Mark pushed him and his wife to go for euthanasia, a legal right to kill oneself under the guidance of medical practitioners. Mark had been enthusiastic about his life. He wished to die in a dignified manner.

For weeks, Mark and his wife had been consulting doctors for other options. But, later on the decision of euthanasia was taken after taking all the legal procedures in mind. Although the GP had had tough time in seeing his patient die, the euthanasia did bring peace to his painful life. There are many lives that have been saved or pacified through the legalization of euthanasia.