Obama’s Set Target for Electric Cars Seems Achievable

Electric-CarsBarack Obama’s set target of getting plug-in hybrid vehicles, which he had mentioned while he was a 2008 presidential candidate, is being seen close to its achievement, as per a recent report.

It has been found that 1 millions of such all-electric cars were promised to be brought in on the road by 2015. And though, it was initially found not achievable as estimate was that 1 million cars may amount to less than 1% of the complete US fleet.

The report finds that an analysis by the Obama administration's Energy Department has raised hopes in a different way. Since, it shows that subsidies and tax credits may contribute in reaching the goal. The study has led researchers to hope to see some 120,000 plug-in hybrid Volts in 2012.

Since, it was found that GM, which has recently suspended Volt production at its plant in Hamtramck, Mich., has made sales of more than 21,000 Volts when only it had a $7,500 tax credit. It is being said that nonetheless, there is little market for these less convenient electric vehicles for thousands of dollars.

But, these are better than similar-sized gas-powered alternatives that do not save fuel. And thus, even the government wants people to pay extra for these fuel-savers.