Survey Highlights Impact of Parents’ Alcohol Abuse on Children

AlcoholAcknowledging the severe impact of alcohol abuse on children by their parents, urged Salvation Army to highlight the issue. The organization carried out a survey before Alcohol Awareness Week in November.

They findings in the survey notified that around 22% or more than four million Australians are aware of the families, where children are ill-treated and not provided proper care as a result of alcohol misuse.

Problem drinking has been a main issue to be considered, as it has ruined several millions of the families across Australia.

Al Anon Tweed worker Sandra asserted that it was not shocking to come across such figures and findings of the survey.

She said, “The problem of alcohol abuse is huge on Tweed. Many kids are missing out on learning basic skills, affection and just parent/child time, but they often repeat their parents' behavior”.

Further, she affirmed that these kids might be a part of a nasty circle. They might treat their children in a similar manner like they are being treated. The problem is definitely huge.

It was emphasized that many children move out of their homes because they are not treated well by their parents due to problem drinking, which ultimately results into the breakdown of a family.