iPhone Users Too Careless; Billions Spent On Repairs

iPhoneFindings in a recent study conducted by warranty company SquareTrade, highlighted that the costs of repairing an iPhone have been too high for the Americans, $5.9 billion have been reported to have spent on damaged smartphones, since the year 2007 and this doesn’t include the replacement and insurance deductibles.

The firm said, “Its $100 million more than the Obama and Romney camps will spend on their campaigns combined. It's 29 times as much as Americans spend on contraceptives every year”.

The firm emphasized that those of whom owing an iPhone must be too careless, after coming across the figures, which subjected that in the past one year, 30% of them have administered an accidental damage. Nevertheless, in case of 17%, the smartphone has been damaged for more than once.

The company affirmed that they encountered more of accidental cases, which were 10 times more than that of the cases reported of loss or theft. And majority of the accidental cases involved people below the age of 35. Out of 10 users, over one has affirmed that their screen is cracked.

While considering the reasons for damaged handset, most asserted that they dropped it, with 30% suggesting the reason. 18% said that it feel in water, including toilet. Last month’s figures revealed Mississippi to be on top of the list with most damaged iPhones.