Verizon Would Have WP8 Smartphones on List, Report

Verizon Would Have WP8 Smartphones on List, ReportPhoneArena has reported that it has gotten a list of handsets that would be available with Verizon soon and has been leaked accidentally.

As per the findings, a number of new handsets have arrived (and have been arriving) in the market. The long chain includes the iPhone 5, the HTC Phone 8 X and the Nokia Lumia 920. Not only these, but the Galaxy Note 2, Windows Phone 8 and Samsung Ativ S have all recently been launched.

People are always excited about anything new coming in the market. And before the same, they also are keen to know which major carriers would be holding the newly introduced products. This is so that they get to know if their old provider would only be giving them their chosen smartphone or they would need to shift to someone else.

So, now the report has some good news for Windows Phone 8 lovers, since Verizon would be including the same in its lineup. It is being said that two other WP8 smartphones would be there with Verizon, which would probably give a new shot to Windows Phone.

"The Samsung ATIV S, the Nokia Lumia 920, and the HTC Windows Phone 8X are all listed on the leaked roadmap, with November penciled as a potential release time frame", the report says.