‘Popcorn Lung’ Sufferer Receives $7 million

‘Popcorn Lung’ Sufferer Receives $7 millionDenver Federal Court was handling a case of a Centennial man, who has been suffering from `popcorn lung' disease and had condemned and prosecuted microwave popcorn manufacturer and retailers. It has been revealed by a recent report that the man has now become the first consumer to win the same.

Fiftyone-year-old Wayne Watson's disease is a form of lung disease, which is rare but highly irreversible obstructive in nature. Since, the illness causes bronchioles to be narrowed by inflammation or scar tissue.

Watson had contracted the same in 2007 and National Jewish Hospital's Dr. Cecile Rose in Denver had detected it. It was told by the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOSH) that the chemical diacetyl present in the form of artificial butter flavor on popcorns was responsible. Since, he ate two bags of buttered popcorn everyday for 10 years.

As per the findings, the court took the decision in his favour for Gilster-Mary Lee Corp., the manufacturer was found at fault. Dillon Foods and Kroger and Gilster-Mary had not warned that popcorns may harm consumers. Watson has been awarded with above $7 million as a result.

"The evidence was that Gilster-Mary purposely did not warn consumers about the risk of microwave popcorn", said attorney Kenneth McClain of Humphrey.