Get Ready For Stoptober

StoptoberGet ready to celebrate the biggest event called Stoptober. The event will start from 1st of October and will last for 28 days. The event is being organized with the aim of encouraging smokers to quit smoking. Throughout the event, tips and advice will be provided to the smokers pertaining to quitting smoke.

Smokers will be asked to get themselves registered. The free registration will provide them free access to mobile apps and Facebook pages dedicated towards helping people in quitting smoke. Besides, medications, support, advice and information will be provided to people whose family members are adversely affected with the unhealthy habit of smoking.

Last year, about 1,000 people were encouraged to quit smoking and they even stopped smoking after getting registered with the event. Quitting smoke isn’t an easy task. Smokers need moral support for quitting smoke. It is hoped that this year’s event will encourage a large number of people in quitting smoking.

Researchers from all over the world have alarmed people about the adverse effect of smoking on our health. Still, awareness about it is lacking. Through the Stoptober event awareness among the people will also be imparted. Smoking can contribute towards mouth cancer and lung cancer. Therefore, people should avoid smoking.