Depression Needs to be Addressed Seriously

DepressionDepression, which is not considered to be a chronic problem, has affected more than 350 million people across the globe. If steps are not taken to curb it, the number is going to increase manifold.

After considering the global scenario, the theme for World Mental Health Day, which is on October 10, has been kept ‘Depression: A Global Crisis’. If one gives a close look to the theme, then he will get to know that depression has become a global concern.

Experts were of the view that they cannot say that advancements are not being done to curb depression. New treatments and therapies are being tried across many countries, but it should be noted efforts are not being at a global level.

They are aware of some countries where there is a poor access to treatment. In fact, not even 10% of those who really need the treatment are able to receive the same. If to cite an example, Australia has been trying its best to improve its mental health treatments.

It is even considered that they will be able to make some major advancement. Experts were of the view an estimated 29 million prescriptions were handed out for the treatment of mental health in the country.