FIsker Plans to Share Parts with Others to Raise Money

FiskerFisker Automotive, the Anaheim, Calif., hybrid carmaker, had faced criticisms for assembling its cars in Finland as well as getting a US federal loan of $529 million. But, a recent report finds that the company has in the wake of its failures, decided to take a new direction now.

It has been found that many electric plug-in carmakers in the US have been planning to bring electrified cars. Also, some of them have tried, but failed to make profits. The country is finding it hard to replace foreign oil-filled cars with electronic cars.

Previously in March, Fisker’s brand new $107,850 Fisker Karma was reported by Consumer Reports to have broken down in initial tests only. Also, its poor dash controls and long battery recharge time with cramped space led it to earn a failing grade.

Therefore, Fisker has thought of sharing its technology and parts with other companies to make good money. The company has announced the same this Monday. As per the findings, the company is currently not enjoying a good financial position.

"Most all of the bumps can be fixed for a company that went to market too quickly. I did not want to let this company not have a fighting chance", CEO Tony Posawatz was quoted as saying.