Fords’ 2013 Fusion to Throw Competition at Toyota’s Prius

ToyotaFord’s redesigned 2013 Fusion hybrid can sway your heart by mileage and performance. As compared to the Toyota’s Prius, Ford’s Fusion is smooth to drive and comfortable to. It has comfortable leg space that makes the commuters happy to ride in it.

According to the company, the Fusion can give a mileage of 40 miles in one gallon. The experts are of the view that Fusion will throw ample competition to the Toyota’s Prius. Prius has already made its reputation among the consumers. Therefore, Fusion will have tough time in making its reputation.

Michael Omotoso from LMC Automotive said, “The challenge is that the Prius has such a strong brand in the hybrid space… it faces a challenge in consumer awareness and in convincing people interested in a Toyota to consider a Ford instead”.

To win the heart of the consumers, Ford has decided to sale the car under the price tag of $25,995. By keeping the prices lower than the Prius, Ford is hoping to gain the attention of the prospective customers. Ford is hopeful that people will consider its Fusion better than the Toyota’s Prius in terms of mileage and prices.