Hospitals are forced to Restrict their Services

Hospitals are forced to Restrict their ServicesSince the release of HSE order stating to collect an amount of _130m by the end of this year, some of the biggest hospitals of England have shut down certain wards to reduce the cost.

Among so many of them, one is the Mater Hospital in Dublin that is known as the country's biggest hospital and already pose a waiting list of 5,295 patients in surgery need. It has been forced to shut down its major surgical ward that offers admission to 32 patients at one point of time.

Due to a deficit of _9m, the hospital has decided to reduce its agency staff. Moreover, no overtimes will be given to any of the employees. This simply means that from now onwards fewer staff will be available to care for the patients.

As said by a spokesman for the hospital to the Irish Independent, "St Michael's Elective Surgery Unit is a short-stay unit that facilitates patients undergoing a wide range of surgical procedures. It has been closed, for now, as a cost-saving measure".

Similarly, other hospitals in the country also have no other option but just to reduce taking services from their workforce. In order to avoid huge over-runs, they have to limit the number of patients for giving treatment.