Saudi Arabia to Build Solar Energy Based Desalination Plants

Saudi Arabia to Build Solar Energy Based Desalination PlantsThe National Science Agency of Saudi Arabia proposes to build solar energy based desalination plants in the country. The move is aimed to mitigate water and energy costs by 40 per cent besides checking environment pollution at a time when 'Go Green' slogans are drawing widespread attention in every walk of life.

Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf added, "Desalination is our strategic choice to supply an adequate amount of drinking water to people across the Kingdom." He said that shifting focus on renewable resources is the need of the hour and the country would work for exporting renewable energy as it has been doing with oil.

The country, having a large number of desalination power plants, consumes around 1.5 million barrels of oil per day at its plants. Prices of desalinated water are also increasing in the country making people to spend more on water.

However, the use of solar based desalination plants can significantly reduce costs according to the Saudi Minister of Water and Electricity.