Cancel Business Projects with Huawei and ZTE, says House Intelligence Committee

Huawei-ZTENot a long time has been passed when it was being revealed that the US has been serious threat from China for cyber-attacks. A report has been prepared by the House Intelligence Committee on the same issue.

The committee has recommended that it would be better for the US that it should not indulge in trade with Huawei Technologies Ltd. and ZTE Corp. Moreover, they have also warned that the US faces such an amount of risk that it should block any sort of trade mergers with China.

Without a doubt, it would be loss for both the countries, as the US is one of the major clients of the country when it comes to supplying things related to telecommunications. On the other hand, the US will lose cost effective labor as well as technologies from China.

Experts said that the two companies have been especially highlighted as these two companies pose a major threat to the country. On the other hand, such allegations have been cancelled by William Plummer, who is the vice president for external affairs. He was of the view that Huawei is a well known and trust worth company. Now, it has to be seen that business ties will be affected or not.