Researchers to Record Voice of Animals During Solar Eclipse

Researchers to Record Voice of Animals During Solar EclipseIt has been reported that a study will be conducted during the coming solar eclipse in which the sounds of animals will be recorded. The aim of the study is to find out the animal that is fooled by the eclipse.

Humans are aware about as to what takes place at the time of solar eclipse. But, animals are not that intelligent. It has been found that some animals are fooled by the eclipse. They are fooled thinking of night fall when it is actually a day time, during the solar eclipse.

The research will be conducted by the Queensland University of Technology. During the research, the researchers will be recording the sounds of the birds, frogs and other vocal species. QUT Spokesman Dr. Michael Towsey said, "We would expect something because I think there's even anecdotal evidence of birds going back to their night-time roosting places and then sort of coming back again".

Researchers are hopeful of learning new things during this particular research. Besides, the findings of the research will help researchers in gauging as to how animals count day and night. It is believed that a certain voice is used by the animals to tell their fellows about fall of night.