People Ignoring Hand Hygiene

People Ignoring Hand HygieneA lot has been said about hand hygiene, but it has been found that people are not adhering to the common rules of hygiene. In a survey being taken out to mark the UN's Global Handwashing Day, it has been found that one in every 12 bank cards and one in 16 bank currency is as dirty as an unwashed toilet basin.

The figures are quite depressing, but it reflects that people are careless about their health and hygiene. Recently, a study has been taken out by a group of researchers from University of London and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

They have concluded in their study that people are quite ignorant about maintaining adequate hygiene levels. Their research has revealed that one in 10 hands contains faecal organisms and to such an extent that it is proportion can be equated with a dirty and unwashed toilet bowl.

In order to reach at the above given conclusion, the study researchers assessed 272 hands of people as well as their money bags. Volunteers, who took part in the study, were from London, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Lead researcher Ron Cutler was of the view, "People may tell us they wash their hands, but the research shows us different, and highlights just how easily transferable these pathogens are".