Regular Tests No Greater Help, Says Study

Regular TestIn America, many residents undergo annual physical exams, unlike their counterparts going for regular check-ups. But, according to a recent report by researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, regular physicals should not be confiscated.

A total of 14 studies on some 180,000 people or more were analyzed to gather different data. The participants in each study had been segregated into two groups, viz. one getting regular checkups, while the other going for a checkup only when needed.

Amid the same, heart rhythms, hearing, cholesterol and blood sugar tests were conducted on these people. Even blood pressure was checked and the comparing the number of deaths, it was concluded that no major difference was there.

While some studies went long for four years, some other studies even ended up after 22 years. An average of 7% deaths was noted in both the groups. But, despite a hint that annual exams and regular checks do not differ in terms of effects, it is being said that only annual exams do not help in cutting risks of deaths by heart disease or cancer.

Since, regular check-ups have helped many in getting timely diagnosed with an illness, if any. However, researcher Lasse T. Krogsboll says, “In the absence of documented health benefits, we would say there’s a risk of overdiagnosis from this”.