BlackBerry 10 Different and Better from Older Versions, Says RIM

Robin-BienAfaitRobin BienAfait, CIO of Research in Motion (RIM) has had a word with almost 180 CIOs since the month of April, of whom, most were from the US. And as per a new report, she has found that most of them have got frustrated with BlackBerry smartphones.

She has also noticed that many CIOs using BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) have also become irate over years. Therefore, bringing a ray of hope and excitement, she claimed recently that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone would be all different.

The CIO is of the view that just as her last name means, the new blackberry would also hear the two words `well done'. And this time, CIOs would be happy instead of being annoyed, as they did with outage for several days the previous year for previous BlackBerry versions. During the launch of BlackBerry 7 too, this frustration could be seen.

She has told that the input has been offered for new BlackBerries' features as well as security. Besides, Derek Peper, Vice President, adds, "Developers can leverage common development tools to easily create mobile applications without having to worry about building and testing a security and connectivity layer".

The Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM is to introduce the new phones by the first quarter of 2013, the report finds.