Retailers to Decide Selling Techniques of Computers, says Microsoft

MicrosoftThough, Microsoft Corp. has decided to take responsibility of all matters by itself, the company has handed a decision over to retailers. As per a new report, the way to sell computers would only be thought of by the retailers.

It has been found that this time the company has adopted a complete new way to dictate the way computers would be displayed. Also, a unique method is being followed to ensure how in big-box stores, computers are pitched and explained to customers.

In fact, Microsoft has increased the number of its retail locations as well. It is being said that these have been brought to double the previous number and the aim is to sell computers to consumers directly.

As per the findings, the systems comprising of Microsoft's latest operating software would be on sale by Friday. 34 pop up stores are also being opened this week by the company in the U. S., with some of the stores in shopping malls. The aim is to directly sell the computers only.

However, Apple's new tablets are to launch soon, while in the meanwhile, Microsoft Surface tablets, including Surface with black Touch Cover, have been back-ordered. Eight markets comprising Canada, China, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States and the UK, have the same.