Lumigan Eye-Drops May Help Treat Hair Loss

Hair-LossWill Lumigan eye-drops be able to treat baldness in humans? Well this is what a recent research is trying to establish. Though Lumigan eye-drops are being used for treating glaucoma, which makes eyes go watery, it has been seen that it develops eyelashes at alarming rate.

Trails are being done to ensure what kind of effect these drops would have in treating hair loss in men and women. There is a vital ingredient in Lumigan, called bimatoprost, which might be able to get the issue of hair loss sorted. `Bimatoprost is known to stimulate eyelash growth and is already used clinically for this purpose. "We wanted to see whether it would have the same effect on scalp hair, as the two types of follicle are very different", said scientist Professor Valerie Randall, from the University of Bradford.

It is believed by the team that presence of bimatoprost can instigate growth in human scalp hair follicles, thereby providing all in all a new approach for addressing the issue of baldness. It would be worth seeing what sort of results are being produced in the time to come which may or may not be able to provide some answer to the growing concern of hair loss.