US Market Lucky for Chrysler Group LLC

US Market Lucky for Chrysler Group LLC As per recent reports, it has been revealed that Chrysler Group LLC has been making a strong recovery in the US auto market. It has been found that with passage of time, it has been witnessing profits.

In its third quarter, it has witnessed a rise of 80%, and it has also been found that people have been appreciating its cars and trucks. While talking about the profits, which it has earned, the company officials were of the view that they earned $381 million, which meant they have witnessed a profit of 18%.

The company officials affirmed that they were able to sell 556,000 cars and trucks across the globe. Sergio Marchionne, who is the chief executive of Chrysler, said that they have been able to bring themselves back on the growth track.

He further affirmed, "Our competitors are not showing signs of vulnerability". He continued by saying that they have to strive, so that they are able to provide a strong performance in the market. So far, the US Market has proved to be quite lucky for Chrysler, as they have been able to regain their position. Credit for the same has been given to Marchionne, who is CEO of Chersyl.