C.Diff’s New Strain Widens Concerns of Health Experts

C-Diff.A new strain of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) has been detected in Scotland recently. Reports say the same has concerned health experts even more than before they were with other forms of strains of the virus.

It is being said by a microbiologist Professor Thomas Riley that the strain may lead the country to face a much darker time. Since, the strain named as ribotype 244 is more lethal than any other strain. Despite giving patients an effective treatment, it is likely to kill its victim often.

The report finds that the strain for the family of the 027 strain, which was previously thought to be the most infectious. It had led to an outbreak at Dunbartonshire's Vale of Leven Hospital in 2007-08. A first case has already been reported in Scotland this week.

The patient was referred to two different hospices for treatment and was then diagnosed with robotype 244. Testing the strain for its potential, it was found that it is likely to spread wider in the UK. Therefore, the University of Western Australia researchers have been suggesting hospital staff to take care of patients who show any signs of the fatal virus.

"We will keep a close eye on it and monitor it very closely", said healthcare scientist at Health Protection Scotland Dr. Camilla Wiuff.