Researchers Come up With Far More Effective HIV Cure

HIVResearchers from Imperial College, London assert that they have probably found a new as well as improved way to diagnose and treat HIV, as per revelations of a new report. Nanoparticles are used by the new HIV blood test to detect if an HIV marker is present or not, the team has told.

It is being said that the new cure is ten times more effective than the earlier treatments available for HIV. Also, it is not much in terms of price. The team says that microscopic gold flecks or nanoparticles are used so that p-24 named viral protein could be picked. The p-24 or HIV marker is present in the blood serum of a patient.

As per the findings, some gold nanoparticles are made to come together in a clump, which to naked eye appear blue in colour. However, in the absence of the disease-related protein, nanoparticles tend to stay separate and the same seems red in colour.

The team has told that the test has been conducted on the ones who were HIV-positive as well as on those who were uninfected. And now, the aim is to turn the test user-friendly as well as more portable so that it does not look for a particular place to be administered.