Car manufacturers decline selling faulty cars in UAE

Car manufacturers decline selling faulty cars in UAECar owners in UAE need not to bother about car manufacturers recalling defected vehicles across the world. None of the car manufacture is said to have sold defective car in the country like they had unwillingly done in the parts of the World.

Jeremy Weatherill, Divisional Manager- Auto, Swaidan Trading in the UAE, said, "There are no faulty cars in the country. The fault is with the 107 model, which is not imported in the UAE."

Honda Motors Middle East has also made it clear that it has not sold even a single piece of defected car in the Gulf region. The company declined to recall any Jazz units sold in the Gulf countries, ruling out the possibility of any defect in the cars sold in UAE.

Arijit Basu, Assistant General Manager, Honda Motors Middle East said, "Here, we have left hand drive cars and we have power windows with auto-close function. Thus no units sold in the GCC are affected."

Toyota also expressed that it has not sold any defective vehicle in the UAE market while it has been currently monitoring the situation in the US.