Diabetes Raises Alarm, Improve Your Quality of Life

American-Diabetes-MonthAmerican Diabetes Month is being observed in November. Diabetes is raising high alarms as 26 million people in America, including children are prone to the disease, according the American Diabetes Association.

Even bigger matter of concern is that, another 79 million people in the country are diagnosed with pre-diabetes and at risk of getting prey to type-2 diabetes. By 2050, ever one in three Americans will acquire the disease if crucial steps to avoid it are not taken.

Obese and sedentary people are at greater risk for developing diabetes. Diabetic people suffer painful consequences of the disease. Two-third of the diabetes patients die of heart disease and stroke, while 60-70% suffers from nerve damage. It can also lead to digestive problems and sexual complicacies. It is also known as the prime cause of kidney failures and blindness.

Diabetes occur when body cannot use the sugar we eat, with efficacy. Too much of sugar in blood instead of cells cause health disorders like obesity, high blood pressure and of course, diabetes.

Here's what should be taken care of to avoid the complicacies:

*Improve your diet. Replace junk foods by fresh fruits and vegetables.
*Exercise daily, no excuses.
*Stop smoking if you do.
*Continue your medication as directed by your physician. Don't cut it without medical advice.