Motor Trend magazine names Tesla Model S as 'Car of the Year'

Motor Trend magazine names Tesla Model S as 'Car of the Year'In an achievement of sorts for electric vehicles as well as internal combustion, the super-green Tesla Model S sedan has recently been named as the `Car of the Year' by Motor Trend automotive magazine.

Announcing the award to Tesla Model S this week, Motor Trend said that the selection of the Tesla's extremely modish and super-sporty all-electric vehicle as the `Car of the Year' was the participating judges' unanimous decision, based on the performance of the model and also the notably powerful technology underlying it.

The selection of Tesla Model S - which is a four-door, full-size luxury sedan - as `Car of the Year' came after a rather tough selection process; and was the magazine's first ever selection of an all-electric car for the award.

According to Tesla Motors, the company's Model S sedan won the award by beating competition from other noteworthy `finalist' vehicles which included Porsche's Boxster; BMW's 3-series; Lexus' GS; and Subaru's BRZ.

About the selection of Tesla Motor S as the Motor Trend `Car of the Year,' the magazine's Senior Editor Jonny Lieberman, who was one of the judges, told Wired that the Tesla sedan comfortably beat the other vehicles on almost all fronts --- including fit, finis and overall looks; innovation; functionality; performance; practicality; and day-to-day livability.

Lieberman further said that "if the Model S had a gas engine it still would have won," and added: "It was, without question, the best car in this year's competition."