Benefits of Video Games

Video-GamesNow whenever your mother comes and complains you about your video game playing habit, you just have to give them reference of the following study.

A recent study taken out by a group of researchers from University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, has concluded in its study that video game players are better in handling tasks. In order to prove the same, the study researchers carried out an experiment.

The experiment included three categories. The first one comprised of schoolchildren, second group was of college goers and the last category was medical residents. All the three categories were given task in which they had to use virtual surgery tools.

The task was measured on a number of things, like eye and hand coordination, preciseness and speed of carrying out task as well as pressure of hands. After assessing all these and more points, the study researchers reached at a conclusion that both school goers and college students were better than medical residents.

It shall be noted that school goers win the task with few more points from college students. Dr. Sami Kilic, who led the study, said, "The inspiration for this study first developed when I saw my son, an avid video game player, take the reins of a robotic surgery simulator at a medical convention".