Pepsi Special Lowers Blood Pressure, Claims Suntory

PepsiPepsi, the Soft drink giant, has come up with a new drink dubbed Pepsi Special, which it is claiming as good for one's health. The company promises that one would lower his blood pressure by having the drink.

As per the report, the drink has been green signaled by the Japanese Ministry of Health and the ministry has after a long review declared it as a health drink. Suntory, which is Pepsi's sole Japanese distributor, says that a 2006 Japanese study is evidence that the drink is beneficial.

He affirms that rats involved in the study absorbed less fat when they were fed with dextrin enhanced sugar and corn-syrup drink as compared to their counterparts. However, science is not backing all its claims and says that neither it helps in weight loss, nor indigestible dietary fiber blocks indigestible dietary fiber.

A physician nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis says, "It's true that naturally occurring soluble fiber does help block cholesterol absorption but there's no publicly available evidence suggesting that synthetic fibers do this too".

But, Suntory still claims that the new drink has dextrin and the same can block fat. Also, the gold and black labeled wonder soda is able to sop triglycerides from increasing, thereby lowering blood pressure.