Significant Rise in Teen Druggists

steroidsStudy researchers were stunned when they got to know about quantity of steroids and muscle-enhancing substances being taken by teens in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The research being taken out by a group of researchers from the University of Minnesota has concluded that more number of teens are now taking such substances and in a great amount. Lead researcher of the study Marla Eisenberg said that more than 2,700 adolescents studying in middle and high schools in St. Paul and Minneapolis took part in the survey.

After taking out the survey and assessing the responses, it was found that 5.9% boys were taking steroids and 4.6% girls were taking such drugs. Eisenberg said that it would not be wrong to say that they were stunned to know the responses, as children studying in seventh and eight were into drugs.

"We're looking at middle schoolers -- who say they are using some of these pretty risky substances in order to increase their muscularity", said Eisenberg. It is a high time now that they should pay attention to the problem, which will lead to a disaster if ignored now.

Though athletes were the ones who admitted of taking drugs, non-athlete children were also there who were into drugs.