Flu Vaccines Are Not Effective?

Flu-VaccinesHow effective are flu vaccines? With winter flu coming to haunt Britons, children and other vulnerable groups are being advised to take the flu jab to protect against winter flu. Though there are many reviews which indicate that flu jabs are not effective enough to deal with winter flu and it has not been able to offer the kind of results expected, a recent research has claimed that for 100 people who get the flu vaccination, there would be many between 70 and 90 who would be protected from the flu that year.

The researchers at the University of Minnesota had examined over 12,000 studies dating back to 1936 along with interviews with 88 vaccination experts to conclude that the studies indicating flu vaccine as ineffective were not properly designed to make such claims.

Though the research was comprehensive, it is yet to be published. It was also found that flu vaccine taken through injection, made 59 out of 100 healthy adults protected from flu, though the results were not consistent in case of children 2 to 17 years of age, or adults aged 65 years or older. Apparently, flu vaccine take from nasal spray managed to protect 83 in 100 young children aged 6 months to 7 years old. It would be worth seeing how concrete and conclusive these results are.